Imagine a war in which you can’t see the enemy or his weapons.  His weapon of choice is the one whose effects are hazardous to your health, heavily affecting emotional levels.  The enemy uses magnetized ultra low frequency doses of ideas to influence behavior patterns of unsuspecting people.  This weapon can change the eye of a hurricane from an infant into a monster and direct it into the shore of an oil rich drilling platform area, without detection. It can cause a person who is negative with no spiritual foundation to have thoughts of suicide; mass hysteria can be soothed or provoked as well. Where is your umbrella or shield from this satellite bombardment of ultra low frequencies into cities and homes?  Who is immune from such invasion of privacy? Machines can now detect if a spirit attached to an earthly body is spying in the vicinity.  Everyone’s spirit is capable of rising outside of the physical body to fly through space and time by way of light tunnel matrixes crisscrossing creation, and protecting itself with built in energy shields that are only a thought away.

There are many names for psychics; remote viewing is the act of spying on someone, place or time.  Psychotronics is the science of moving energy around, and looking far outside of the body’s immediate surroundings by remote viewing. Advanced technology psychotronic warfare can direct harmful radiation by satellite anywhere on Earth with pinpoint accuracy. By achieving the alpha state, brain waves 7 - 14 cycles per second, remote viewers can move through the ethers to places and times distant and near, at lightning speed.  A light shield is your protection against the dark energies, the wicked ones.  But for your shield to defend you, it must be used in conjunction with the sword of wisdom, your belief foundation.  Center your mind and hear the words of your guardian angels, the sword of wisdom will guide the way.  

Theta is a deep sleep and meditation state; brain waves 4 - 7 cps.  Mediums and sleeping psychics reach here before a different spirit takes over the body as the host departs at the Delta level, 0 – 4 cps. The Prophets of the Bible, Quran and Torah were capable of achieving alpha, theta and delta states at will; angels of God would frequently come through to speak and dictate the Creator’s desires.  The Ark of the Covenant is a huge magnetic vortex which allows celestial beings easy entrance to the physical world. Holy mediums were always in attendance of the Ark in the Holy of Holies, Temple of God.  Mediums and clairvoyants engaged in daily tasks around the Ark and Temple to bring through messages from the other side. Ancient remote viewers who used their skills to serve the Creator, where always protected by God’s mighty Army, without hesitation.

Yes, the topic is still psychotronic warfare, how to defend yourself.  The best way to defend from people using machines to inflict emotional ultra low frequency static to cause suffering, is to shield yourself with your Creator’s energy shield and sword.  The light will surround you the moment you pray to the Almighty and ask Him to protect you from the evil intentions igniting the planet today.  He will not fail you.  Wisdom’s sword is your connection to and defense from the other world, ethereal realm.  The world just beyond the five senses is where protection will come from.  Wouldn’t it be better to stand with an Army than to stand alone?  The Army of God will protect you immediately if you earnestly pray to our Lord for help.  The option is a matter of free will decision. Choose to stand with the One who can create something out of nothing; or stand with the enemy, who betrays and deceives while trying to manipulate enough to make your soul suffer beyond death. Eternal life will sustain your soul from the other world, are you prepared to survive the global war to come?
Psychotronic Warfare
Can you defend yourself?
aka “Crazytronics” - Remote viewing psychic spies and the technology to mess with your head.

© 2008 Marie Black
Remote Viewing - Afghanistan

Remote Viewing - Jerusalem Embassy
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